Python for Kids (and bioinformaticians)

Python for kids, chapter 8 (Superrosette)

I started to teach my son programming and we both are enjoying it.


How much PCR product can you get?

PCR tube

How much PCR product does one get from a typical PCR reaction? 50-120 ng/µl seems to be a typical result, but it very much depends on your PCR conditions.


Review of GE Healthcare's Äkta Avant 25

Äkta Avant 25

About one year ago, we secured funding in an internal faculty call to replace the old Pharmacia Äkta Explorer 100 FPLC machine of the Protein Production and Purification core facility. The Äkta Explorer had been purchased in 1996(?) when the Swedish brand Pharmacia still existed. In 2014, the worse case scenerio happened and both monochromator and Xenon flash lamp broke almost simultaneously, which left us with a bill of almost 10000€. Hence we wanted to replace the machine with a contemporary model.


Taj Mahal

LEGO Taj Mahal

One and a half years after our last big LEGO project (the big Millenium Falcon), we finished now the Taj Mahal, which is with 5922 parts the largest LEGO set ever released for retail. Again, we used our existing LEGO parts and only bought the missing ones via Bricklink from four different online shops.


Centrifugal and centripetal embryonic lymphatic development

Centrifugal versus centripetal hypothesis of lymphatic development

Since the beginning of last century, researchers have been arguing about the embryonic origin of the lymphatic system.


FPLC Protein purification course


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