Know your rights


In a series of articles in the magazine Acatiimi, Mia Weckman from the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT) was introducing the Finnish legal system and legislation concerning the work place.


Top 8 Science Podcasts to Listen to

Top 8 Science Podcasts

My top 8 podcasts targeted at scientists (but not only for scientists). Try them: they are entertaining and keep you up to date with what's going on in science generally.


Managing OpenVPN with Network Manger

OpenVPN management via Network Manager

I just switched back from MacOSX to Ubuntu for work. Mostly for financial reasons. We need more computers at work and a really good PC laptop is just half as expensive as a MacbookPro or iMac.


Being indexed

This year's Nobel prizes

Difficult start

Success rates of different applications to the Academy of Finland

UPDATE: I asked the Academy for the funding rates for the Academy Professor positions, but there are so few of these positions that you don't get any usable statistics out of that data. I received a very transparent answer from the Academy (including the numbers I was asking for). The decision to preferentially cut funding from postdoctoral researchers was a conscious one by the Academy to preserve the means to do competitive research for projects and Academy Research Fellows. However, the trend to move funding from younger to older researchers seems to be general and has been going on already for half a century in the US (see e.g. here: or here: Our future depends on new ideas and innovations. I am not sure, whether it is true that younger investigators come up with more new ideas and innovations as claimed in the blog post above (, but if that is the case, moving money away from them would a bad idea in the long run.



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