The logic of the Äkta Avant fraction collector

Äkta Avant inbuilt fraction collector

After we solved all the teething troubles with our Äkta Avant, we finally dare to let customers use it. Most of them find it difficult to understand the behaviour of the fraction collector...


Good leadership?

Satisfaction with strategic leadership at university level (rectors and vice-rectors)

When I started as a principal investigator at the University of Helsinki, I was advised to take the "Good leadership" course which was arranged by Personnel Training. Together with 15 other research group leaders, I learned between November 2013 and March 2014 from Sanna-Marja Heinimo and other experts i.a. the "skills for effectively developing, coaching, empowering and leading others to getting best results".


BackupPC and Macs

BackupPC Logo

I myself have been using the backup software BackupPC for almost a decade, and I started to backup our lab computers to a central backup server about two years ago. BackupPC supports deduplication and therefore much data can be stored on a couple of 2 TB drives.


HiLoad 26/60 Superdex pg gel filtration chromatography column performance

HiLoad 25/60 Superdex 200 pg

The most common protein purification technique that we use is gel filtration (also called size exclusion chromatography). In gel filtration, proteins are separated by their size (or more correctly by their "Stokes radius", which is largely determined by their size and shape). For gel filtration of large protein amounts, we bought GE Healthcare's HiLoad 26/60 Superdex 200 prep grade about 9 years ago. The performance of the column is outstanding. Being used to 30-cm-columns, we were amazed how well the column separates between e.g. dimeric and monomeric forms of our pet protein. However, the column lost dramatically its performance recently...


Python for Kids (and bioinformaticians)

Python for kids, chapter 8 (Superrosette)

I started to teach my son programming and we both are enjoying it.


How much PCR product can you get?

PCR tube

How much PCR product does one get from a typical PCR reaction? 50-120 ng/µl seems to be a typical result, but it very much depends on your PCR conditions.



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