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Writing scientific articles in German - a waste of time?

Zero citations for this review

It appears strange to us, but one hundred years ago the lingua franca of science was German.


Helkama quality woes

Repaired Helkama luggage carrier

This post is a follow-up of my post from 2 years ago about my new bicycle, a Helkama Jääkäri.


Air humidifiers

OBH Nordica 6162

What is the optimal relative humidity (RH) for humans? Opinions differ, but mostly the estimates for “optimal” indoor relative humidity are concerned about the house and not the people living in it.


Resistance to streptomycin and spectinomycin

Streptomycin model

Many cDNA clones from the ORFeome gene collection come in a pENTR223.1 plasmid*.


The car is in the garage

Car and bicycles

Finally Claudia’s car is in our heated garage. After moving two thirds of our cellar’s content and half of our apartment’s content to our garage, it appeared questionable whether a car would still fit.



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