The car is in the garage

Car and bicycles

Finally Claudia’s car is in our heated garage. After moving two thirds of our cellar’s content and half of our apartment’s content to our garage, it appeared questionable whether a car would still fit.


2-week Lab Course

Plasmid map

I had no idea how much work it is to organize a practical lab course.


25 Years After

Cruise on the IJsselmeer

I guess they have been already been looked at by most, but anyway: Here's the link to the scans from the diapositives I took during our cruise and theater course:


38. Annual Congress of the German Society for Lymphology

Die Molekularbiologie der Lymphangiogenese

I participated in the 38th Congress of the German Lymphological Society ( in Halle (Saale).


New Mechanisms of Lymphangiogenesis and Lymphedema

The blood and lymphatic vascular systems

Here is the presentation that I could not give, because my schedule was too tight to allow for a 1 hour 20 minute delay.


It is finished

Millenium Falcon

After one year of gathering pieces and building, Tobias and me finished today the Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector’s Edition (LEGO set 10179,



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