Mounting individual partitions from disk dumps

You can make disk dumps from individual partitions or from a hard drive that contains more than one partition. The ladder has the advantage that you can restore the computer by dumping back the image onto the same or another hard drive. But if you want to access an individual partition from a hard drive image, you need to know where the partition boundaries are. You can note them down from the output of fdisk. However, fdisk -l gives the partition boundaries, but the unit is sectors. You need to multiply this number by the logical sector size to get the partition boundaries in bytes.

Updating drupal

Here's what I need to to to update drupal (minor updates, e.g. from 7.18 to 7.19) on my Ubuntu server. I have installed drupal from the drupal source itself and not from the Ubuntu repository (because the Ubuntu repository is usually quite old and not updated as frequently). Actually the update is quite painless; I am sure somebody automated that already somewhere...
cd /var/www
tar -xvzf drupal-7.19.tar.gz
chown -R jeltsch:www-data drupal-7.19