E-mail: migrating from kmail to Evolution

I recently switched from kde to gnome and at the same time from kmail to Evolution. There is no easy way to transfer you mail if you have organized it in several mailboxes in kmail. You need to select all messages in a folder and then right-click and save them in mbox format. This step you need to repeat for every folder. Then you can use the import function of Evolution (import from single file). If you can accept that all files end up in the same folder, you can concatenate your .mbox files to save you the trouble of importing multiple files:

Why some scripts in the cron.hourly directory do not become executed

Because I have a very basic mp3 player that cannot play back anything but ISO-standard mp3s, I often need to re-encode podcasts which my podcast-catcher downloads (I use Amarok). I created bash scripts to re-encode all downloaded mp3s and to generate a new RSS feed based on the directory content where the re-encoded mp3s get stored. However, the scripts did not get executed every hour and the reason was their naming ("").