Floppies and Linux

Since I started to use html and CSS to create my presentations (instead of OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Office), even quite large presentations fit on regular 1.4MB floppies. Thus I popped an empty floppy into the drive and formatted it as ext2. Funnily the GUI floppy mounter is not able to recognise the file system when it is set to autodetect. Thus I formatted as MS-DOS and the autodetect file system works. Strange...


Today I installed the latest in file sharing: BitTorrent. Was a bit cumbersome as I first had to install wxPython. And to install wxPython, I needed wxGTK. There is apparently a RedHat9 RPM around, but the download site was down all day long, so I got the source wxPythonSrc- from sourceforge. After that I tried to download the RedHat9 CDs as I need a clean Linux install to test Adobe Acrobat 5.0.7 and Crossover Office (Acrobat 5 crashes immediately after start on my RedHat9 system and the Crossocer Office seems also to be somehow compromised by excess fiddeling).