lmule and xmule trouble

Suddenly lmule stopped working (or xmule). Somehow files is the ~/.lmule/ can get easily corrupted. Just remove all the files (or even delete the whole directory) and the program works again. Don't forget to save the files from the Temp and Incoming directories! You can copy them later back into the newly created ~/.lmule/Temp and ~/.lmule/Incoming directories.

Startup script for VNC server

To start up the VNC server automatically as a service during booting, you need this shell script. You probably also can write a much simpler shell script yourself, that does the same job. In fact you will have to as this script is broken on RedHat 9. The simplest shell script is of course the command "vncserver" alone... This script goes into the folder /etc/init.d. Then you make a symbolic link in the directory /etc/rc5.d that points to the script.