Location of launchers, panels, etc. in Gnome

The files that specify the different folders and buttons of the Gnome user interface are somehow really badly distributed all over the place. Here are just a few of the more common locations:

Icons in the panel: ~/.gnome2/panel2.d/default/launchers/
Contents of Start Here: ~/.gnome2/vfolders/start-here/
user's Home, Trash and Start Here: ~/.gnome-desktop/

BackupPC (and MacOS X)

BackupPC seems to be a cool application. Except for the fact that it is not easy to start working with in the first place. I downloaded BackupPC-2.0.0.tar.gz and installed it into the directory /usr/local/backuppc. Then I executed the and answered all I could. The place where I want to backup my stuff is my second hard drive /dev/hdb5 which is formatted as reiserfs and mounted at /mnt/hdb. After the config script there was a new directory in /mnt/hdb: backuppc, which contained 6 other directories: conf, cpool, log, pc, pool and trash.

sudo is not only to sudo (execute files as another user)

If you want to execute a command with root privileges, you normally use the command "sudo". But of course you can execute a command also as any other user. E.g. I need to execute some script for my backup as user "backuppc". then I just type:

sudo -u backuppc /usr/local/backuppc/bin/BackupPC_serverMesg status info

Instead of the username (backuppc) one can also use the user id (uid).