Covid-19 vaccination

UPDATE (August 6th, 2021): I am now fully vaccinated according to the CDC's definition!
I got my first Biotech/Pfizer shot on May 15, 2021. The injection site hurt for two days. This means that my body was reacting, which is a good thing. I sincerely hope that all that can get vaccinated will get themselves vaccinated. Due to the new mutants, we likely need a much higher vaccination rate in order to get this pandemic under control. Sadly, in countries with a relatively low vaccination acceptance, the pandemic will become endemic (and hence also everywhere else since nobody wants to stop international travel).

The fear-mongering crowd should finally admit that no big drawbacks to the vaccines have cropped up. That statement notably includes the "controversial" AstraZeneca and Johnson&Johnson vaccines! The first volunteers have been vaccinated now 14 months ago. Every functioning drug comes with a risk-versus-benefit calculation and the benefits outweigh the risks by orders of magnitude for all vaccines that have been approved by the EMA, including the AZ and J&J vaccines. If you understand the mechanism of the new mRNA vaccines by Biontech and Moderna, than you know: If there are any vaccines that lower the theoretical possibility of serious adverse effects, than these are the mRNA-type of vaccines.

The question is what is the acceptable risk of death due to Covid-19, which will make governments abolishing the restrictions? With influenza, many tens of thousands of deaths were apparently totally appropriate. Maybe Covid-19 will change the attitude towards other avoidable infections diseases. Let's hope that the decisions will be informed by science!

Some evangelical movements have been traditionally opposing vaccination, notably the respective Reformation Movements of the Seventh Day Adventists. I have never really understood the religious aspect of the issue. If I am not mistaken, Ellen G. White, arguably the most important of their early influencers, has received herself the small pox vaccination. This vaccination was a good deal more dangerous than vaccinations are today with 1-2% of vaccinated suffering serious side effects. If you are a member, you know, that I am talking to you: Do yourself and everybody else a favor! Get over your misinformed resistance and get the shot! Its ten thousand times safer than the smallpox shot that Ellen G. White took! It is the right thing to do.