It is finished

Millenium Falcon

After one year of gathering pieces and building, Tobias and me finished today the Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector’s Edition (LEGO set 10179, This version of the Millennium Falcon is not sold anymore and used sets sell for insane prices on Ebay.

We took the necessary bricks from two other Star Wars models: the Death Star (LEGO set 10188, and the Super Star Destroyer (LEGO set 10221-1,

However, we had to gather a substantial amount of missing parts, many of which we bought 2nd hand via the local Finnish online action site or via BrickLink (, a sort of “specialised EBay” for LEGO pieces. The most difficult to find pieces were the two Light Bluish Gray Boat Mast Rigging Long 28 x 4 (, which sell at the moment for not less than 100€ per piece on BrickLink. We obviously did not get these pieces. However, LEGO still sells the black version of this piece as a spare part and Tobias’ mentor took the trouble to get these and paint them grey; thank you Clemens!