Protein Drug Discovery & Development

IgG antibody (schematic)

Yesterday, I had my first Zoom lecture about protein drug discovery and development. I hope that the students did get at least something out of it. My goal is to cc-license the complete presentation but there are still a few images that I need to replace. A first attempt is rarely a great performance, and we had our fair share of technical problems. My headset failed for the first time since I bought it at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. And the Zoom polling functionality disappeared before the students had any chance to use it and we did not manage to bring it up again.

Here is the link to the live Google Slides: These will keep changing (= improving). Below you find the PDF snapshot of the presentation from the actual lecture day. The whole presentation is CC-licensed. So feel free to reuse it. All source files (mostly in Inkscape SVG format) are also available from here: I have done all the SVG files in Inkscape, but you can also open them in any browser or edit them in Adobe Illustrator. If you want to edit or extract images, the easiest is perhaps to download the presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint, LibreOffice Impress, or PDF format. I still have not figured out how to share the Google Slides presentation without making the original editable for everyone (after all, I need some control over the content of my lectures).

Be aware, that at this moment, the presentation still contains eight images on Fair Use or with unknown licensing terms (even though the legal concept of fair use does not really exist outside the USA). All image sources (excluding my own images) are listed in the file README.txt with their respective licenses and source URLs. Some images are so old that I was not anymore able to locate their original URLs. Hence I am not sure about their licensing terms. I will replace these over the next few weeks when I manage to get hold of CC-licensed or public domain equivalents.