More about GCK2.5 under wine

After working with GCK2.5 under wine I have identified more bugs that make the program quit unexpectedly. However, now I have not been using cross-over office (as its evaluation period has expired and of course my boss wouldn't spend a cent for Linux programs). So I am using the default installation of wine that comes with Suse 9. I copied over the fake windows directory from the former .cxoffice directory. The following bugs do exist (they always appear when a window opens that requires you to enter alphanumeric values via the keyboard):

1. Create new file (I knew about that before). Interestingly the (empty) new file that opens upon program start can be saved without problems...
2. Find sequence (one shortly sees the window "Find occurence" and then the program quits)
3. Sometimes (not always), when changing the color of a selected sequence the program quits.
4. Features -> Make Region
5. When selecting a sequence and getting info