Mia Sivén, the world's first professor of sustainable pharmacy

Mia Sivén (Image by Veikko Somerpuro)

When we were asking our foreign students what made them join the University of Helsinki, several of them mentioned sustainability aspects. Many of the research groups at the Faculty of Pharmacy study topics that are highly relevant to a sustainable future. For example, tackling the increasing threat of antibiotic resistance is a high priority for our faculty. And my group works on the planet's most environmentally friendly protein production system. There is no part of a drug's life cycle that could not be approached from a sustainability angle. Therefore, it was high time that this over-arching theme was finally acknowledged by establishing a dedicated professor position. To our knowledge, next month Mia Sivén will start her job as the world's first professor of sustainable pharmacy. You are probably not surprised that I am very happy about this appointment.