Suse Linux 9

Mounting disk image files and encrypted filesystems/partitions

To dump a disk (or a partition) into a file, you use the following command:

dd if=/dev/hda3 of=file.bin

This command writes the complete data on the hda3 partition into the file file.bin.
To mount the filesystem that is in the file, you need to create a loopback device:

losetup /dev/loop0 file.bin

Now you can mount the filesystem as usual:

mount -r -t filesystemtype /dev/loop0 /mnt/mountpoint

Apparently, one can combine the last two commands into one:

Suse 9

I switched to Suse 9. I can't figure out from RedHat's announcements what they are really up to. So I better get used to an alternative right now. I also switched from Gnome to KDE and at least on Suse 9, I like KDE more than Gnome on Red Hat 9.

Installing Staden 2003b on Suse 9

1. Download the sources.
2. cd into /usr/local and become su.
3. tar -xvzf /home/jeltsch/Documents/staden_linux_2003.0b1.tar.gz (jeltsch is my usename, thus has to be replaced for other users!!!!)
4. Edit your .bashrc file by adding the following two lines to its end:
export STADENROOT=/usr/local/staden_linux_2003.0b1
. $STADENROOT/staden.profile
5. Ready.