Samba trouble (smb, smbadduser, smbpasswd)

If your samba is unreliable, there can be a number of reasons. I got the impression that YAST overwrites configuration data you have manually edited (e.g. in the password and user files) when you try to change settings via the YAST samba setup procedure. Here follows a checklist in case samba is again not responding or not visible in the network neighborhood. It could be that the unreliability is due to a PDC shutting down. Maybe I should make my Linux the PDC as it is always running.

aMule on our server (what ports to open?)

I installed the aMule RPMs from from Packman. Then I needed to start up aMule once in GUI mode to set up the remote control web interface (enable all remote access and disable unix sockets and give passwords). Thereafter you can just start the aMule daemon via the command line amuled. Sometimes amuleweb fails to load when you start amuld, in such a case you should execute amuleweb separately. After this you can connect to aMule's own web server. I opened TCP port 4662 and UDP ports 4672 and 4665 and on our router I forwarded port 4662 to the machine running aMule.