Remote desktop sessions to your Helsinki University work computer

SnapGene running remotely

If you have a work laptop, you can take it home to do work. But what if you have a desktop computer and need to access it from home? The technology to make this possible exists for more than 20 years, but if you think that University IT has made this easy for you, you would be wrong. In fact, I don't know anybody who knows how to do this easily.


Tunneling of remote X11 output to a local machine behind a firewall (ssh, X11, ForwardX11)

If X11 forwarding is globally disallowed in your local machine, you need to override this by editing ~/.ssh/config: Host hostname.domain.org ForwardX11 yes Then you just ssh into the remote machine hostname.domain.org: ssh -X username@hostname.domain.org And execute some program that outputs to X11, e.g.: xclock &