How to load kernel modules automatically during system boot

How to load kernel modules upon startup? Everytime I want to connect my ipod I have to load the hfsplus kernel module. So I decided to load it automatically upon system bootup. In Suse 9, kernel modules that are supposed to be loaded after the main file system has mounted are specified in /etc/sysconfig/kernel: MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT=" cdrom ide-cd ide-scsi hfsplus"

Shortcoming of silent mutagenesis tools (EMBOSS, GCK): WatCut as a solution

Many programs that try to detect possible restriction sites in nucleotide sequences while maintaining the protein sequence fail big time. Because the genetic code is degenerate you can by silent mutation change the nucleotide sequence while maintaining the protein sequence.

However, most programs that aim to identify those possible silent changes look only for single nucleotide substitutions (e.g. EMBOSS, GCK2.5, etc.). The only program that seems to detects also more complex changes is a web tool: WatCut.