Shortcoming of silent mutagenesis tools (EMBOSS, GCK): WatCut as a solution

Many programs that try to detect possible restriction sites in nucleotide sequences while maintaining the protein sequence fail big time. Because the genetic code is degenerate you can by silent mutation change the nucleotide sequence while maintaining the protein sequence.

However, most programs that aim to identify those possible silent changes look only for single nucleotide substitutions (e.g. EMBOSS, GCK2.5, etc.). The only program that seems to detects also more complex changes is a web tool: WatCut.

The web interface for BackupPC under Suse Linux 9 (getting the web interface for BackupPC working under Suse 9 with Apache2)

BackupPC has been working without me noticing it. Now I want set up the web interface.

First I downloaded apach2-mod_perl and perl-Tie-IxHash (there are Suse rpms) and installed them.
Directories/files that I duplicated (this is only necessary if you need to run two instances of the Apache server):