WINE regression testing

I am using Textco's Gene Construction Kit (version 2.5) do draw my DNA vector maps. Unfortunately this company doesn't care about Linux users. Therefore I have to use WINE to run the Windows version of the program. Admittedly, I could run VMware, VirtualBox or Parallels, but all that just to run a small program? Unfortunately either the Gene Construction Kit (GCK) is not coded according to standards or WINE is still not able to deliver full compatibility but now and then a WINE upgrade renders the program unable to run. Therfore I had to resort to regression testing to find the version that can still do the trick for GCK. Here is the command listing and what I did:
mkdir wine
cvs -z 3 -d checkout wine (password 'cvs')
cvs update -PAd -D"2007-06-01 CDT"
make depend
sudo make install

The source from the date above it the latest that appears to work.