Helkama Jääkäri - everything but the frame broke within the first 3 years

Broken bicycle saddle of my Helkama Jääkäri
For one last time, I have to write about the Finnish bicycle company Helkama. I own the Helkama Jääkäri, which is a military style bicycle and marketed as extremely tough. The frame has 25 years warranty. However, pretty much everything else has been braking within the first 3 years, which ridicules the whole concept. During this year's spring overhaul, I had to replace three parts: The stand, the saddle and the bell. And I see already signs of future trouble… In none of my previous bikes, saddle or stand have been breaking that fast. And that includes cheap bikes for half the price that I paid for the Jääkäri. Apparently, Helkama does not vet its component suppliers sufficiently. My Jääkäri’s rear wheel had to be replaced already after the first winter and the carrier meanwhile two times. When it broke the third time, I did not even bother to get it replaced again, instead I repaired and reinforced it myself. I really hope that Helkama’s advertisement is just a lie and that the Finnish Army does not use this bicycle. My Helkama's broken bicycle stand My Helkama's disintegrating bicycle crank