38. Annual Congress of the German Society for Lymphology

Die Molekularbiologie der Lymphangiogenese

I participated in the 38th Congress of the German Lymphological Society (http://www.dglymph.de/) in Halle (Saale). The conference was very refreshing and interesting: It was very different from the meetings I typically attend because it was focussed on the practical aspects of clinical and ambulant management of diseases that involve the lymphatics.
Because my talk was an introductory lecture about lymphangiogenesis research, it did not contain any unpublished data and hence I make it available for download. However, the slides are in German and - depending on the target audience - might require some commentary. The talk is a chronological account of the important publications in the field of lymphangiogenesis research starting from about 20 years ago; heavily biased towards my own work and work in which I have been participating.