Amber from Stutthof

Amber from the Baltic sea

While running at the Baltic beach close to Kąty Rybackie (Poland), I picked up some amber.


Predatory publishing - where to draw the line?


It seems that many researchers recently received an invitation to join the editorial board of the new open access journal ContROL ("Continuous Research Online Library").


Uncertainty about CRISPR's future

Cas9 on a DNA helix

Some feared, that the patent decisions on the CRISPR technology this spring might lead to a monopolization of the technology. However, according to a last month's article in Nature Methods, it is not at all clear at this moment, whether CRISPR will hit a home run for the editing of the human genome.


About the agility of large organizations


A decade for the switch


Barriers to Electronic Lab Notebook adoption

Barriers to ELN adoption

Our lab has been interested in electronic lanb notebooks (ELNs) for a while. A recent publication in the Journal of Cheminformatics has focused on the barriers to ELN adoption.


Gemstone hunting in Finnish Carelia


Last Sunday, we participated in the spring excursion of the Finnish Gemstone Hobbyists’ Society (Suomen Jalokiviharrastajain Yhdistys) to a spectrolite quarry near Ylämaa. Spectrolite is a variety of labradorite, which shows a rich iridescense.



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