Review published in Duodecim: Lymphatics and the eye

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English is overwhelmingly the number one language in science. Nevertheless, sometimes there is a need to target audiences different from academic researchers. In Finland, the bi-weekly Duodecim is arguably the medical journal with the biggest reach among domestic medical professionals. Hence, the idea for a Finnish language review was born. Viewed from three different angles (from the laboratories of Sirpa Loukovaara, Kaisa Lehti, and Michael Jeltsch), we are looking at proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR), which is an eye complication that develops slowly over decades in diabetic patients and which is still a major cause of blindness. The treatment of PDR is often less successful than it potentially could be. Importantly, we present also advances in PDR research, from which new ideas might emerge of how to improve current treatment regimens.

The original Finnish language version of the review just went online:

An English translation is available from Zenodo:
The idea to provide by default English translations for non-English scientific articles is getting traction among several of the ambitious non-English science journals. After all, the potential readership increases by a factor of perhaps 1000. Services like DeepL provide an accuracy well above Google Translator. However, DeepL is not (yet) available for Finnish and hence this translation was not done by AI, but instead by HI (human intelligence).

The Loukovaara lab:
The Lehti lab:
The Jeltsch lab: