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How to install perl modules

In order to check, whether a specific perl module is installed (e.g. Image::Info for this example) type:
perl -MImage::Info -e1 If it is not installed, download it from CPAN, untar, change into the install directory and install like this:
perl Makefile.PL
make test
and then as root:
make install

Konqueror bookmark xml (xbel) files and its display in web browsers (Mozilla that is) using stylesheets (css or xsl)

Konqueror stores its bookmarks in an xml file (bookmarks.xml) of document type xbel (XML Bookmark Exchange Language). Because I want to have my bookmark file always online (a link from my homepage), I need a way to convert the XBEL file into an HTML file or make the browser display the XML file. Most browsers can display xml data, but they need a seperate style sheet document to do so. Thus I inserted into the bookmarks.xml file a reference to a css style sheet file (bookmarks.css):