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A permanent static route for Macintosh OS X (10.4.7)

I have set up OpenVPN on our pribvate network, but our special setup requires manually adding a static entry to the routing table of computers that we want to access from the outside via our VPN server. In SuSE Linux this is a nobrainer as Yast provides a section where to add static routing information. On MacOS X the command line works, but upon reboot the route is lost:

route add

Check what the route is for a specific IP:

route get

Kernel parameters for Macintosh Powerbook 3500/G3 ("Kanga")

I am trying to get Xubuntu 6 installed on my old Powerbook. The problem seems to be the video mode. The installer starts but the screen output is addressed only to the upper half of the monitor and is additionally garbeled although one can still guess what's going on. According to a list on the internet the kernel parameters one should pass using BootX it should read: