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Syncronizing Suse 9 with a public time server

Finally I figured out where to set the time sync option in Suse 9. Unlike RedHat Suse doesn't ask you during installation whether and which public time server to use:

Control Center -> YAST2 modules -> Network Service -> NTP client -> Authenticate as administrator -> Delete the CMOS entry -> Add

Type the address of a public time server. I used this time, but there is a long list with server to choose from at

How to load kernel modules automatically during system boot

How to load kernel modules upon startup? Everytime I want to connect my ipod I have to load the hfsplus kernel module. So I decided to load it automatically upon system bootup. In Suse 9, kernel modules that are supposed to be loaded after the main file system has mounted are specified in /etc/sysconfig/kernel: MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT=" cdrom ide-cd ide-scsi hfsplus"