The car is in the garage

Car and bicycles

Finally Claudia’s car is in our heated garage. After moving two thirds of our cellar’s content and half of our apartment’s content to our garage, it appeared questionable whether a car would still fit. I installed many additional shelves and relocated my and Marzena’s bicycles to the condo’s common bicycle storage. The other 7 bicycles and the bicycle trailer were hanged to hooks along the garage walls. Then we lifted Tobias’ 3.5 meter long cardboard rocket tightly under the garage ceiling. Finally I was able to drive it in. I drove in sort of blindly because the car had been snowed in so badly that me and Tobias could not really make any difference by scratching its windscreens half an hour (we had to stop because our fingers were too cold to continue). The snow and the cold had arrived here in Helsinki quite exactly together with the winter solstice.