Winter cycling is not for the faint of heart

Snow mountain blocking cycle path

Helsinki planned to make private car ownership unnecessary by 2025. In the image, you can see reason no. #534 why this won't work: The streets and pavements are kept snow-free in winter, but the bicycle roads are made for storing snow and parking cars. Cycling to the city center is always a pain, but in winter, it's only for suicidal masochists. About every 50 meters, you encounter an obstacle that requires utmost alertness and creativity to bypass unharmed. Helsinki city center is dying as a result of Covid-19. Good so! The less I have to visit it, the better. The cycling conditions South of Sörnäinen are prohibitively appalling, with the only exception of the 1.3 km long baana between Kiasma and the edge of Ruoholahti (where I rarely need to go).
Transport and food are the two biggies when it comes to the responsibility of the individual for global warming. Consequently, Helsinki - a pioneer in sustainable urban development - will increase ticket prices for public transport next year to encourage people to switch from car to bus or metro.