Martin Jeltsch (1933-2021)

Martin Jeltsch

This morning, my father, Martin Jeltsch, died from Covid-19 at age 88. He had the opportunity to get vaccinated already starting from January 25th, but he decided not to. If he had taken the first opportunity to get vaccinated, he would have most likely been already partially protected, when he contracted the disease. However, it is no secret that he opposed vaccinations, and his professional affiliation with complementary and alternative medicine was just one of the many things that have made our relationship very complicated. Herd immunity through vaccination will also protect the unreasonable. Hopefully, we will get there soon.
UPDATE: According to our mother, my father did actually plan to get vaccinated. However, vaccine roll-out in his county started in the end of January only and he had not even received the first shot yet. That first shot would have given him already partial immunity and most likely would have prevented a serious disease course.