Nudossi, what else?

The big 1.25kg Nudossi jar

I do not know exactly when Nutella appeared on the shelves of Finnish super markets. However, I remember clearly that when I first moved to Finland in 1989 to work at Rajamäen kalkkitiilitehdas, the quintessential German bread spread Nutalla was unknown here. However, guessing from its two main ingredients (sugar and palm oil), Nutella is a heart-attack in a jar. In Germany, there is a slightly more expensive, but massively better product available: Nudossi. It's like Nutella, but instead of a meager 13% nuts, Nudossi has 36% hazelnuts. Although I had promised to myself to minimize my use of Amazon (see here why:, I ordered a big (1 kg) jar of Nudossi during the corona spring. However, when I clicked "Order this again" in summer, I received the dreaded "This article cannot be shipped to the selected address. You can either change the delivery address or delete the item from your order."

While Amazon can be life saver for niche products that never will reach a peripheral market like Finland, both Amazon's own and their seller's bottom line is profit and not to serve the customer. Luckily, often, but not always, these two goals go hand-in-hand. However, this was not the first time that I only once was able to order an Amazon product, after which Finland promply disappeared from its list of possible delivery destinations. I have the feeling that some malevolent AI is behind this pattern.

What did I do? I ordered it directly from the Vadossi factory ( Although the factory's web shop did not explicitly mention shipment to international destinations, I had not problems to arrange this via email. On top of this, the final price was much below what I would have paid at

I know that Amazon will open an to serve the Scandinavian market and they also have already bought a warehouse in Finland ( But given their malevolent AI, I probably should continue to minimize the amount of my orders.