Recombinant Proteins

There used to be a dynamically updated list of proteins here. However, due to security concerns I had to shut down the direct communication between our lab's database server and my private homepage. Some time in the future I might get around to implement a secure way to mirror the content of our lab's protein treasure box here on my home page. In the meanwhile here's a list of recombinant proteins I have produced. If you have questions or request, please contact me or my boss:

  • IL-3
  • LYVE-1
  • M-CSF/CSF-1
  • PDGF-D
  • PlGF
  • Podoplanin
  • serum albumin
  • TGF-beta
  • Tie-1
  • VEGF-A/VEGF-C hybrids
  • VEGF-A
  • VEGF-B
  • VEGF-C
  • VEGF-D
  • VEGF-E
  • VEGFR-1
  • VEGFR-2
  • VEGFR-3