Self-playing DivX movies on CD (movix, autostart, vlc)

I needed to put a DivX movie to a CD, that would play on virtually all computers without the need to install the DivX codec or a movie player. There is software available to make this kind of CDs with nice GUIs, etc. but the software I tested is far from user-friendly. The two easiest methods are:

  1. Download Video LAN Client (the version without the installer). I tested this only with version 0.8.1. Unpack the zip file into a empty directory. Put the DivX movie into the same directory. Then create a textfile Autorun.inf with the following contect: [Autorun] Open="vlc.exe tutkittu_juttu.avi" That starts the movie automatically upon insetion of the CD (unless this autorun function has been disabled. In that case the user needs to start the movie manually. Maybe one could put a .bat file onto the CD with the same command and name it "Start the movie".
  2. The other option is < href="">movix. Movix puts a functional Linux OS together with a movie file onto a CD. You just pop in the CD into your drive and boot your computer to watch the movie. The drawback is that booting from CD should be enabled and in the BIOS' boot priority before the hard disk (which is very often not the case). Packman has a package for Suse. The command to create the iso for the CD is: kmovixiso -t "Tutkittu Juttu" -o /tmp/movies/movix.iso /tmp/movies/movie.avi