Nazis in the German Parliament

German Elections 2017: Preliminary Results

Sad day for Germany: Nazis are sitting again in the German parliament. They don't called themselves Nazis. Instead, they use the name AfD (Alternative für Deutschland = Alternative for Germany).


25 Years After

Cruise on the IJsselmeer

I guess they have been already been looked at by most, but anyway: Here's the link to the scans from the diapositives I took during our cruise and theater course:


Adjunct Professor


Certificate for the title of Adjunct professor

Since December 13th, 2011, I am an adjunct professor (Finnish: dosentti) at the University of Helsinki.

Neulimburg - Die Siedlung im Wald


Das Dorf Blota wurde 1771 gegründet. Auf preussischen Befehl machten sich deutsche Siedler aus der Grafschaft Limburg in Hessen mit ihren Wagen, Werkzeugen und Vieh auf den Weg.

My family tree - Mein Stammbaum - Minun sukupuuni

My great-grandmother

Here are some files with preliminary results of my family research.

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