PXE booting the Ubuntu network installer from a pfsense router

  1. Install the tftpd server from via System > Package Manager
  2. Modify the DHCP server (Services > DHCP Server):

    TFTP Server: (internal network address of the pfsense router)
    Check "Enables network booting"
    Next Server:
    Default BIOS file name, UEFI 32 bit file name and UEFI 64 bit file name: pxelinux.0

Mounting group directories via the fstab

At the University of Helsinki, one can apply for group directories, which is simply disk space on a NAS. These are easily mounted when you use a university-managed computer via the university menu, but what about if you use your own machine? At least for Ubuntu Linux, the way to mount these directories has changed multiple times during the years and it again broke recently. The current entry in the /etc/fstab file in my (Vanilla, non-university-managed) Ubuntu 16.04 is as follows:

# HY group directories