Mplayer is probably the best video player (and mencoder the best encoder)

Because the videodata recorded by dunerec is in some strange mpeg flavour it occupied quite a bit of diskspace. 2 hours approximately 5 GB. that is why I was looking for an easy way to convert the mpeg into divx. After unsuccessfully palying with transcode, I managed with mencoder. Mencoder is included with Mplayer and there is an RPM for Suse Linux 9.1. My first try was to encode a TV recording. I did in 2 passes, meaning I execute the first command and wait until it finished and then execute the second command.

ksubtile, subtitles and subtitle format (srt, mplayer)

There are heaps of subtitle editors for Windows, but I found only one usable for Linux: ksubtile. It's not perfect but usable. It uses SubRip format (*.SRT). In these files subtitles have a running number, end- and startime down to milliseconds given for each subtitle. The import function of subtile fails occasionally, but you can use mplayer to convert subtitle files into srt format. BTW: If your movie and the subtitle file have the same name and are in the same directory they will be loaded automatically by mplayer (unless you switch this function off).