VNC server under Suse 9

I tried to use vncserver on Suse 9, but to my surprise upon starting up with "vncserver" and then connecting with the "vncviewer" command I only saw the grey screen and an X terminal. I tried to execute xclock and gaim and they start up nicely. However I would also like to bee able to start up KDE. So I looked into the xstartup file (in the .vnc directory in your home folder) from my old Red Hat 9 install and compared it to the one from my Suse 9 install:

VNC server (aka KDE Desktop Sharing) under Suse 9

Suse 9 has an inbuilt VNC server called KDE Desktop sharing (under the System -> Remote Access menu). It can be configured in the Control Center -> Internet & Network. Unlike when you start up VNC via the command line ("vncserver") this tool doesn't start a new X desktop, but connects to your already existing X desktop. It is possible to run in addition to the inbuilt KDE Desktop Sharing a normal vncserver that starts its own X sessions.

Using ssh in scripts (one-click secure VNC connection using krdc)

Using ssh in scripts (one-click secure VNC connection using krdc) I wanted to establish a VNC connection that is tunneled via ssh and just by one click. I created a shell script with the following content: !/bin/sh ssh -L 5902: -f -N jeltsch@ krdc localhost:2 The ssh connection remains open in the background until the krdc application has finished.