Syncronizing Suse 9 with a public time server

Finally I figured out where to set the time sync option in Suse 9. Unlike RedHat Suse doesn't ask you during installation whether and which public time server to use:

Control Center -> YAST2 modules -> Network Service -> NTP client -> Authenticate as administrator -> Delete the CMOS entry -> Add

Type the address of a public time server. I used this time, but there is a long list with server to choose from at

How to format and duplicate floppies under Linux

1. Put floppy in drive, do not mount it.
2. fdformat /dev/fd0

OR: Use "System Tools -> Floppy Formatter " in RedHat 9

1. Put source floppy into floppy drive
2. Mount it if it doesn't automount.
3. dd if=/dev/fd0 of=/tmp/floppy bs=1024 count=1440
4. Eject floppy, put destination floppy in
5. dd if=/tmp/floppy of=/dev/fd0 bs=1024 count=1440