Startup script for VNC server

To start up the VNC server automatically as a service during booting, you need this shell script. You probably also can write a much simpler shell script yourself, that does the same job. In fact you will have to as this script is broken on RedHat 9. The simplest shell script is of course the command "vncserver" alone... This script goes into the folder /etc/init.d. Then you make a symbolic link in the directory /etc/rc5.d that points to the script. The /etc/rc5.d directory contains a bunch of links to scripts in the init.d file which are executed when the system is entering runlevel 5 (runlevel 5 is the one where you have the gui and multiple users enabled, the one you most likely use in 95% of all cases). There are other directories for other runlevels (e.g. /etc/rc3.d for runlevel 3, etc.).