Nazis in the German Parliament

German Elections 2017: Preliminary Results

Sad day for Germany: Nazis are sitting again in the German parliament. They don't called themselves Nazis. Instead, they use the name AfD (Alternative für Deutschland = Alternative for Germany). And many people argue (in my opinion correctly) that Angela Merkel did nothing to prevent that from happening.

Both big parties - conservatives and social democrates - massively lost support amoung the voters. Virtually all small parties could eithe keep or increase their representation in the German parliament, the Bundestag. Merkel needs at least two of them to stay in power and the numbers allow a coaliton of the Conservatives, Greens and Liberals (called Jamaica coalition after the colors of those three parties: colors black, green and yellow). The once revolutionary Greens will perpetuate the status quo in Germany...

Many people seemingly voted against their own interest, but the social democrats could not convince enough people that they are the only viable alternative to Angela Merkel's political agenda.