Dr. Sawan K. Jha: Mechanism of VEGF-C Activation [...]

Dr. Sawan K. Jha with Ph.D. supervisors Michael Jeltsch & Kari Alitalo

My first Ph.D. mentee successfully defended his thesis on the topic Mechanism of VEGF-C Activation and Effect on Lymphatic Growth and Regeneration. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we organized the event remotely and used the Zoom virtual meeting software. The opponent was Prof. Jonathan Sleeman from the University of Heidelberg. Both the defendant and the opponent did a fantastic job, and the discussion brought to light several new directions for future research, which I had not been thinking about before. VEGF-C is a tricky protein and I am sure it still holds some surprises for the diligent researcher. Unfortunately, there was no reception, no dinner, and no karonkka (after-dinner graduation party), but we are planning to have a party later this year when the COVID-19 situation permits!