VEGF-C Re­view in Fron­ti­ers in Bioen­gin­eer­ing and Bi­o­tech­no­logy

Proteolytic Processing of VEGF-C

We wrote a small review about the molecular biology of VEGF-C and how it relates to the task of growing lymphatic vessels in regenerative medicine.


Essentials facts about VEGF-C in lymphology


Vascular endothelial growth factor C (VEGF-C) is essential for the development and growth of the lymphatic vasculature. Together with VEGF-D, it forms the lymphatic subgroup within the VEGF family of growth factors, whose other members (PlGF, VEGF/VEGF-A, VEGF-B) are primarily responsible for the growth and function of blood vessels.

Science good, coffee bad

From molecular biology to a causal treatment of lymphatic system disorders (abstract)


Research into the molecular basis of lymphangiogenesis in embryonic development and pathological processes has led to a rapid increase of our knowledge (Krebs and Jeltsch 2013A, 2013B). The molecular biology era of lymphatic research began with the discovery of the VEGF growth factors and their receptors 25 years ago, and these molecules are the focus of this overview.

New Mechanisms of Lymphangiogenesis and Lymphedema

The blood and lymphatic vascular systems

Here is the presentation that I could not give, because my schedule was too tight to allow for a 1 hour 20 minute delay.


The molecular basis of Hennekam syndrome

Identification of ADAMTS3 from the supernatant of CCBE1-transfected 293T cells

Finally our CCBE1 manuscript is out!



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