Passwordless login via the GUI and ssh defaults

I am using the cloud services at CSC and they do not allow ssh login with the traditional login/password combo.
When I want to make a bookmark in my file manager (Nemo) pointing to this location. I need to specify a rsa key file. that is used for the login. On the command line, it looks as follows:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/encypted_rsa_key.pem cloud-user@pouta

Then the shell asks for the password to decrypt the encoded RSA key, that is stored in the encypted_rsa_key.pem file. Bypassing the requirement to decode the password (and giving up some security) one can decrypt the RSA password ahead of time:

openssl rsa -in encrypted_rsa_key.pem -out decrypted_rsa.key

But in order to use Nemo to mount the location, you need to tell it that you do want to use a passwordless login and the Nemo "Connect to server" dialog does not offer this possibility. Hence you need to modify the ssh configuration. In order to do this, you create a file ~/.ssh/config with the following content:

Host pouta
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/decrypted_rsa.key

This tells ssh that you want to use the specified identity file, but ONLY for the host pouta. After that you can fill out the Nemo "Connect to server" dialog (no need to fill the password) and connect to pouta via the GUI.