Passwordless login via the GUI and ssh defaults

I am using the cloud services at CSC and they do not allow ssh login with the traditional login/password combo.
When I want to make a bookmark in my file manager (Nemo) pointing to this location. I need to specify a rsa key file. that is used for the login. On the command line, it looks as follows:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/encypted_rsa_key.pem cloud-user@pouta

Clearing the BIOS password in a HP Compaq Elite 8000

Power the computer down, remove power cable (and other cables that can carry electricity) and let residual charge drain. Open lid and remove the green jumper. Reboot and you're done. Maybe you want to put the green jumper back not to loose them (you can also apparently leave it attached to pin 1 or pin 2, but not connect both pins).