Wine and Crossover Office

Being fed up with VMware (because it's so slow and using half of my memory) I turned to Wine. But Wine appears to be very difficult to set up. Typical Linux. It will work but unless you spend a whole week you don't get it working. That's where the Corssover Office application comes in. It's just a bunch of helper applications to make setting up wine easy. That is with certain Windows applications and most Windows applications are not supported.

Debugging GCK2.5 under wine

GCK2.5.9 works with wine (crossover office 2.01 version). The 2.5.9 update doesn't show the "Could not start the application because there is not enough memory" error. GCK starts up without any trouble and is partially usable. In fact it seems to be fully functional (including Deluxe import) with one big exception: new files cannot be created (quits upon selecting "File - New". The empty window box where you can select what type of GCK file you want to create (sequence, illustration, etc) is drawn with the title "New Window", but its not filled with content and the application quits.

Dubugging GCK2.5 under wine

The new window that fails to be displayed, contains (when run natievly under W2K) the following text (and radio buttons for the four different file types):

Select File Type
Contruct (Ctrl-C)
Illustration (Ctrl-I)
List (Ctrl-L)
Gel (Ctrl-G)
New File Name

The text associated with the different radio buttons appears first in the debug file in the following lines (as determined by the command "grep -n "List" all_output > List_output", etc):