More about GCK2.5 under wine

After working with GCK2.5 under wine I have identified more bugs that make the program quit unexpectedly. However, now I have not been using cross-over office (as its evaluation period has expired and of course my boss wouldn't spend a cent for Linux programs). So I am using the default installation of wine that comes with Suse 9. I copied over the fake windows directory from the former .cxoffice directory. The following bugs do exist (they always appear when a window opens that requires you to enter alphanumeric values via the keyboard):

How to import sequences from SRS into GCK2.5

Obviously you can import sequences into GCK2.5 directly from Genbank. But usually you are working with a web tool like SRS and end up having your sequences displayed in your browser. From SRS version 7 the import goes as follows: From your fancy display, click SAVE. From the pull-down menu "Use view" select * Complete Entries *. Then "Output to" FILE (TEXT). Check under "Save as type" SAVE TABEL AS ASCii TABLE/TEXT WITH. Click SAVE and save it somewhere with the file extension .ebl. Then from within GCK2.5 select IMPORT and select the file. Ready.

EMBOSS and GCK for the assembly and documentation of construct sequences

I am trying to use EMBOSS for the assembly of vector sequences. Long time ago, I used the CGC seqed program for this purpose and at the moment I use the Gene Construction Kit. EMBOSS doesn't have a straight equivalent for seqed and one has to use a bunch of other tools to replace its functionality. Look at this comparison between CGC and EMBOSS.