1000 times too slow

This is all what was needed to connect the XP machine back to the network!

Helsinki University has outsourced parts of its IT infrastructure to Microsoft. Even if outsourcing is cheaper in the short term than generating equivalent services locally, the net effect is likely negative due to the lost jobs, know how and independence. It doesn’t need a conspiracy to explain this self-destructive behavior, just bad decision criteria, which do not include long term and externalized costs.


Mount Samba shares (why doesn't Nautilus work?) and making smb mounts permanent

Mount Samba shares
Apparently it is very easy to connectfrom within Nautilus to Windows computers (or rather to computers running smb services). The only thing you have to do is to type smb:/// into the URL bar and the network is browsed for available domains, workgroups and services. However when one tries to open some files (e.g. some image) there often appears the error message that those files cannot be accessed via samba.

No chown or chmod on samba mounts

I figured out (hopefully correctly) that owner, group and accession rights to files and directories on an smbmount are not changeable, not even by root. Thus you have to specify everything at mount time, e.g.:

sudo mount -t smbfs -o username=jeltsch,credentials=/home/jeltsch/.smbpasswd5 -o uid=backuppc,gid=users,fmask=644,dmask=755 //patolmac217/jeltsch /mnt/