Adobe Acrobat 5.0.5 under wine

I reinstalled Acrobat 5 to run it under wine. It didn't work. The reason appeared to be again a plugin: DocBox.api. After removing it everything went smoothly. Already before (using RedHat 9) I have had trouble with a Acrobat plugin (it was WebPDF.api at that time). Most manipulation of pdf files can be easily done with Linux tools, but one thing is tricky: cropping already existing pdf files. That's why I need Acrobat.

Wine and Adobe Illustrator (can't find AIRes.dll)

Adobe Illustrator didn't want to start up under wine, because it couldn't find the file AI90Res.dll. This file is located after the Illustrator install in:

~/.cxoffice/dotwine/fake_windows/Program Files/Adobe/Illustrator 10/Support Files/Contents/Windows/System

I just moved it up one directory and everything started working.