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Adding "Add to calendar" links for multiple targets (Google, Outlook) to an email invitation

This is more work than one would guess. However, these were the first instructions that worked for me:

However, there must be a Chrome plugin to do all this? Or a java script? The instructions are using a combination of different online tools, which makes the process tedious...

Reset Wirelesstag's outdoor probe's flash memory

I really like the products from However, the product documentation is sometimes less than complete and their staff less than professional. E.g. there is no information how to reset the outdoor probe when you need to associate it with another tag manager (and you have no access to the previous tag manager). They have information (and images) on how to do that for their wireless sensor tags, but not for the outdoor probe.

Ways how to keep a process running after logging out

There are many ways how to keep a process running after logging out. Each if them has its own advantages and disadvantages: nohup, disown, screen, tmux, ssh2go, etc. Here's how it works with screen:

ssh # connect to server
screen # start screen
run-a-long-process # start process
CTRL+a,d # to detach from your screen session
exit # disconnect from the server

ssh # reconnect
screen -r # resume the screen session