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Syncthing is one of the best tools for keeping folders synchronized across the internet. However, for one or the other reason, it occasionally stops to work on my Ubuntu 16.04 and because I use it in a "set it and forget it" fashion, I also forget how to check that it is operational.
Make it start automatically at boot time (as a system service): systemctl enable syncthing@username.service
Start the service: systemctl start syncthing@username.service

Deleting files with "illegal characters"

In the cross-platform environment of our university, at least three different OS connect to the smb shared group directories. Apparently Macs are able to save files with characters that are not allowed on other platforms and which cannot be easily deleted. Recently we had several files which ended with a '.' (dot) or a ' ' (space), and we were not able to remove them via the GUI. In Windows 7, I managed via the command line with:
delete "file." or
delete "file "