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Creating a video from webcam still images with crontab and ffmpeg

I have a webcam that is taking images when there is movement in its view field. It uploads them to a ftp server. I wanted some automated method to generate a video file from the images of the previous day. Finally I came up with the following shell script which is living under /etc/cron.daily:

# cron script to make a movie out of webcam stills

Ubuntu is slowly getting unusable

The default Document Viewer in Ubuntu 14.04 is Evince. Recently it started to have problems with many PDF files that are opened by other PDF viewers (Okular, Acroread) without problems. Actually Evince opens them, but the window remains invisible. I tried to change the PDF viewer, but Ubuntu has apparently removed all means to do so in version 14.04 short of going into the command line and editing configuration files by hand: what a progress!