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How to change the MAC address of the Ubiquity Edge Router X

Bring up the command line tool (CLI) from the browser GUI. If you use any special characters in your password, you might need to change your password first via the GUI. Despite considerable effort, I did not manage to type special characters into the CLI using Firefox on a Mac (copy-paste does not work). Assuming that you want to change eth0:

set interfaces ethernet eth0 mac 00:03:0D:51:B4:D2

Scanning my home network (nmap)

Scanning my home network for all devices that are listening
on port 80 (http):
nmap -p80 -oG - | grep 80/open
Sometimes this doesn't work (because nmap tries to be smart and only scan hosts that are available). In order to make nmap scanning without intelligence, use the e-Pn (no ping) option. This scans all ports of host
nmap -Pn -p0-65535