Practical Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering

Collection of the presentation slides for the DPBM course Practical Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering. There are files in (at least) two different formats for each lecture: PDF and ODP (Open Document Presentation). The ODP file is editable using LibreOffice software. If you want to open it with Microsoft Office, you need to convert it first using either LibreOffice or some online conversion tool (like cloudconvert). All material is available under the creative commons license. I might add improved versions of the lecture slides later based on participants' feedback. The slide about restriction enzymes (REs) and how to calculate the necessary RE amounts to digest a certain amount of DNA is in the file of Lecture 1.



Another limitation with restriction enzymes is the amount of glycerol allowed in the reaction. Some enzymes like BamHI exhibit star activity at high glycerol concentrations. Star activity means that the enzyme cleaves at places where it is not supposed to cleave. Since restriction enzymes are stored as solutions containing 50% glycerol (to prevent freezing at -20°C), there is a maximum amount of enzymes one can add to a cleavage reaction. Thanks to Denis for pointing that out!