For Science to Finland

Map of Finland with genes

When you think about going abroad to learn or do science, you mostly think of Anglo-American countries. Although still very attractive, the US and England have been losing some of their appeal. Staying in Europe is not anymore a dead-end for your scientific career. Finland is certainly not on the top of the list when looking at potential European destinations. However, especially among students, Finland gained a reputation as an insider's tip for exchange periods abroad. Among these, German students form the biggest group, followed by French, Spanish, Dutch, and Italian students. Most of these come via the European Union-sponsored Erasmus exchange program. I recently wrote a guest blog on Claudia's Helsinki about coming to Finland as a scientist. The blog post is in German, but its bottom line can be summarized in one sentence: there are several scientific areas, where Finland does world-class research.
And Finnish universities are increasingly offering international study programs (mostly M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs). These study programs have a tuition fee, but if you come from an EU country (or the degree you apply with is from an EU country) you are exempt from the tuition fee.

See what M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs are offered at the University of Helsinki: